Elements Ultimate Protein Bar

83 g

The champ, which is why we named it "The Ultimate Protein Bar.  All naturally sweetened and filled with chocolate and hazelnut.  13 g of protein in every bar.

Ingredients: Dried dates, almond butter natural smooth, hazelnuts, shredded coconut (coconut, sulphur dioxide), vanilla whey protein (ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate (whey protein concentrate, sunflower or soy lecithin), maltodextrin, natural flavours, proprietary digestive enzyme blend (protease 1, protease 2, amylases, lipise, lactase, maltodextrin), guar gum, sucralose, dark confectioners coating transfat free (sugar, fully hydrogenated vegetable fats (palm kernel),fat reduced cocoa powder [16%], emulsifier (e322 soy lecithin), natural vanilla flavouring), milk chocolate couverture (sugar, cocoa butter, belgian unsweetened chocolate, whole milk powder, skim milk powder, milk fat, soy lecithin, vanilla extract (vanilla bean extractives, water, alcohol 35%)), margarine (canola oil, water, modified palm and kernel oil, salt, sugars (dextrose), vegetable monoglycerides, soy lecithin, potassium sorbate, natural flavour, annatto, turmeric, vitamin a palmitate, vitamin d2), sugar, white  rice flour, quinoa flake, cocoa powder (alkalized cocoa powder), ground cinnamon, sea salt

Serving Size Calories Fat (g) Carbs Protein Sodium
83 g 480 Cal 24.0 g 38 g 13 g 104 mg